Everyday Words

The pursuit of a job

October 4, 2004

It was about a month ago I discovered the most perfect job for me. It combined my love of writing, creativity and people with the structure of a job and being paid regularly. It was in a field I adore (entertainment) for a company I totally respect and would love to work for. It would allow me to be me, wear outfits I like instead of pantsuits and use my creativity instead of stifle it. It all suited me to a T so I applied.

A week later the phone rang and I couldn’t get to the phone quick enough to answer. However, the caller didn’t leave a message. When I checked out the number, it was the company for which I had applied. How strange, I thought, that they rang me but didn’t leave a message. So I rang them to find out.

Because I didn’t know who to speak to, I had to talk to several different people in HR. Finally one fellow told me to call back in an hour after he investigated what happened. I did and was later told it was a mistake. I wasn’t meant to be called. There was no job. Better luck next time.

That should have been the end of it but it wasn’t. I knew this job was for me. So I wrote up a follow-up letter telling me that although I was disappointed in not being chosen, that it really solidified my belief that this is what I am meant to do and could they keep my resume for future jobs. I attached my resume again and faxed it through.

A week later I got a call to come in for an interview.

I had two separate interviews and a writing assignment and was told that I’d know within the week. When I didn’t hear at the end of the week a sense of panic hit me. The competition for the job was fierce and I was up against people who had degrees and experience in the field. I started to take the silence as an answer.

But that didn’t sit well so I emailed and said how much I enjoyed the interview and still wanted the position. I received a response within twenty-minutes saying that I was being considered and that because of hectic schedules, no decision has yet been made.

There’s still hope.

This is the first job I have fought for. The first job I’ve been so scared to not get. It’s something I believe in so passionately about that I keep trying my hardest to get it. I know the odds are stacked against me (it’s currently one of the most sought after positions and I’m up against people with experience and degrees) but I believe in this and want it so I’m going to do what I can to get it.

Sometimes one has to do that – fight a little for what they want instead of waiting for things to be handed nicely in a package or just sit back complaining about the blase affairs of life. Sometimes you have to mix a little passion, effort and fear to move forward and get what you really want.

I look at it in the way that if I do nothing, that’s all I’ll ever get.