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Simple luxuries

January 29, 2004

I often think myself rich because of the little luxuries I indulge myself in.

Things such as putting my oversized terry robe in the dryer in the morning and then wearing it all warm as soon as it comes out. Making a fort in the lounge area, having the window slightly cracked and listening to the rain pelt against the roof. Watching the woodpecker, chickadee and flinches eat on my balcony. Walking for an hour on a sunny day. Carefully arranging three bouquets of tulips in a little vase he bought me (and also the first gift he gave me) six years ago. Browsing through new books. Hot chocolate at midnight. Reading magazines in bed under a fluffy duvet. Painting for an hour in the afternoon, just because. A new pen and journal. Seeing Robins and feeling hopeful about Spring. Buying a fabulous little pin for my jacket. Eating a pain au chocolate whilst window shopping. Afternoon naps. Taking a late night bath in a tub that�s filled with wonderful bath products. A pale yellow mini skirt from my favourite store. Writing a travel newsletter at dawn. A date at the caf� which involves a caf� au lait and pie.

These things, while simple, give me so much satisfaction and cost little and better yet, are always easy to do. And while doing them, I always think to myself, this is the good life.