Ritz Carlton

May 10, 2003

It’s just after midnight and I am sitting in a robe and slippers in a top level suite on the “Club Level” at the Ritz Carlton San Francisco. The room is over 900 square feet with a private bedroom and sitting area as well as two washrooms. Because I’m on the Club Level, I have access to a private lounge which is just for eighth and nineth floor guests; this means we get free wine, food, chocolate as well as continuous ass kissing.

When I was first told of the room that I would have my first instinct was to gather friends to come over to it – not to show off, but to share. Although some of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had have been on my own, there is something said about dividing your happiness with someone else. Tonight, I did just that.

Rock star Andrea, her dreamy man Matt and their friend Judd came by to celebrate my score at the Ritz. What I had is far too much and having extra people helped to make it feel wonderful instead of overwhelming.

We hit the private lounge where we sipped good wine, indulged in chocolate treats and talked of how flies hold the meaning of life. It was a good night.

After all the dishing and drinking we headed out to see a Andrea’s friends band, Above the Orange Trees, perform and then headed back to the hotel to unwind. There, I took my private time to slip into the bath (complete with salts and rose petals), read good magazines and eat more chocolate. (Yes, there has been a lot of partaking in chocolate but it gets worse – I am about to order cheesecake.)

Indulging is a wonderful thing but I believe it has to be balanced and to be balanced it has to be shared once in awhile. There are moments that are grand because you alone witness them and moments that are grand because others witness them with you. I think this is important to remember.