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November 7, 2004

I’ve been collecting information on various places for my attempt to create a more balanced organic home – mainly the bed. Here’s a bit of a share of what I’ve found:

Gaiam Organic Home: luxury linens that are all organic. Their main page has really amazing home goods (a little washing machine for clothes! fabulous!). They also offer gift registries (I’ve gone crazy with mine password:alexthegirl).

Lifekind: the best organic beds around. These have been highly recommended from all over. Not only do they customise a bed, but they offer a 30 day exchange and a 20 year warrenty.

AFM Safecoat: Safe paint

White Lotus: organic futons and frames. I’ve never liked futons but after seeing some of these frames, I’m reconsidering.

Vivaterra: wonderful home goods from spa to kitchen (beautiful recycled glass glass. I’m eyeing the contour dinnerwear).