Everyday Words

No web celebrity here

April 23, 2004

Someone emailed me awhile ago and, after awhile, I replied. They replied to my reply astonished that a web celebrity wrote them back. This statement literally made my jaw drop. We’re talking sweet baby jesus having to come in and close it.

I’ve heard that term used a lot for me and cheekily used it on a portfolio site once to see if it’d actually have any meaning – it doesn’t. But I still don’t get the whole web-celebrity thing. Especially for me because in the last 2.5 years, I’ve made only 80 posts. That’s not a lot of updating and, in my opinion, shouldn’t interest 90,000 every day.

The web, I’m finding, is a lot like highschool. There’s cliques and cool kids, groupies and minions. There’s groups of people who get lumped together and who’s posts start all sounding the same. You know what I’m talking about. There’s commenters (people who make a career at posting at 3+ blogs per day) who want so badly to be noticed by the cool kids. The cool kids then feed off the commenters, wanting to get more commenters to remain cool kids. It’s a weird cycle. Weird man.

I’ve never thought of myself in these terms. I’ve had a web page for almost 10 years and just kind of do my thing. Sometimes I rock at it, sometimes I royally suck. Eh, what can you do?

I tend not to know the latest terminology, the latest web page gadgets, I don’t have comments and I don’t post daily. I just used the phrase I have a blog for the first time last month. I’m so not cool by any means and have very little idea how people view me (especially now since all email is down and I don’t snoop for dish on me). So it’s just strange, weird, surprising to have people think that I’m some kind of blogging rock star, when in fact, I just type a little and hit upload.