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Santa Monica CA

September 22, 2004

It has been a few days of luxury; last night was a fabulous stay at the highly recommended Hotel Oceana in Santa Monica. We would have stayed there but a seconed night if it were not for them being fully booked. The little suite we had held our Whole Food groceries wonderfully and was located across from the ocean. It’s warm golden colour scheme combined with punches of blue reminded me of the chic botique hotels in Souther France. It was heavenly.

Today we checked into the very exclusive Hotel Casa del Mar where, upon check-in, a man brushed past me and said, “Excuse me” to which I paid no attention. After registering I went out to the car in which the concierge informed me it was Tom Hanks who had just walked past. At least I knew those environmental ads Tom makes are legit and that the hotel was going to be pretty nice.

Our room overlooks the ocean, which I could hear as I ate my supper in the room. The ipod is hooked up to a fabulous stereo and I’ve been rocking out whilst getting ready for company tonight.

Oh, the sunshine, the smiling faces, the pretty Anthropologie and palm trees. I think I’ve fallen for this town.