Family & Friends

Lovely Evening

September 22, 2004

Ah, the evening. Where do I begin? It started with what seemed like an ordinary afternoon – rushing from one place to the next, quickly jumping in the shower, checking email – only to become an extraordinary evening because of a meeting with amazing new friends.

Four hours of non-stop dishing and talking in the lounge with drinks, desserts and very bold coffee. Perhaps there were celebrities around, big names making big deals and romance happening at other tables but I wouldn’t know because I was far too busy being immersed in two people’s lives. Oh, the conversations, the understandings, the head nods.

After we bid them a long farewell, we retreated to our suite where we ate fruit, relaxed in the jacuzzi tub and played jazz on the stereo as we looked at the moon filling up the ocean. This is the good life, we thought.

And although were were at a nice hotel, indulging ourselves in that regard, what we were really talking about was the connection we had with others; the sincere connection where someone lights you up and makes you feel sane and possible rather than the glitz and pampering that you can buy if you have enough cash.

Because this night was really made up of what you couldn’t.