Home Life


March 28, 2004


This morning whilst admiring the first tulip to bloom in my garden, I noticed that I had a problem – aphids. I fetched a bag of live ladybugs from the garden shoppe, gave them a ‘hip hip’ talk on the drive home and then put them in the fridge until dusk (their supper).

A quick spritz of water to the flowers and spritz of a 50/50 mix of soda pop and water to the ladybugs (this prevents them from flying for several days and therefor keeping them more inclined to laze about the plants and eat the naughty buggers destroying them), I began to set free half the bag into my garden.

They climbed everywhere; on the tulips, on the bag, on me. Shortly my garden was coloured with red dots; dots that would soon have bulbous bellies which would make us all very happy.

Launch the Ladybug Photographs.