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Finding Neverland

November 21, 2004

After a busy day of hosting a garage sale yesterday and packing up this morning, we decided on a whim to dress up, go downtown, share a parfait and mocha and see the movie, Finding Neverland.

It did wonders for our souls on so many levels, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how. Here’s what the Director has to say:

“My favorite part [of making the film] was being able to do something that I believe was magical and stimulated my imagination,” Forster said. “And I hope I conveyed that in the film. That it will stimulate people’s imagination, that they will write things or do things or believe in things that they didn’t believe in before.”

So, if you find yourself in need of a little magic, a little comfort, or a little time to remember what it’s like to see the world in a different way, I encourage you to go. And let it change you a little.