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Finding home

December 31, 2004

I found myself at four yesterday in desperate need of tea – something soothing, calming, and relaxing. The day had been spent looking at this flat and that, combing the streets for something, going off leads from the paper and strangers alike.

The pickings at this point are slim – at the end of the month mostly everything is gone and what’s left isn’t all that great.

But as I pulled into the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Company for a double vanilla tea latte (which, really did soothe my soul), I thought that perhaps Santa had answered my letter (especially since the earrings were nowhere to be found).

Earlier in the day we had found a charming little place from the 1940’s which reminded me so much of my favourite flat of all time in Vancouver. Hardwood floors, large windows, beautiful tile in the kitchen and bathroom. A little courtyard, too. No neighbours below, above and only one common wall. Quiet, lovely.

What kept me from falling in-love was that it wasn’t as posh as I wanted. I was spoiled by my flat in Seattle of 3 years which was all modern, with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, washer/dryer inside and soft carpet for rolling. I couldn’t replace that here and so I had troubles visuallising any other kind of home.

But as I sipped my tea and thought of my letter to Santa, I realised this place had everything I wanted. Once more, it had only a 6 month lease which would allow us to just get settled, get set-up and find something else come summer.

So then today I woke to heavy rains and winds and drove to the flat to apply. After awhile the landlord rang us to tell us that we were approved and as the the phone was hung up, the sun came out. We smiled.

What all this has taught me is that vision is a great thing to have. You have to have something to work for, hope for, and dream of. If you can visualise what you want then it has a high chance of happening. But one also has to be flexible with that vision because perhaps there’s a better way of doing something that you don’t know until you start taking steps.

By being flexible, the ultimate dream has more chance of success, I think. And at any rate, it helps to keep one a little more sane.