Everyday Words

Fall break

September 7, 2004

Saturday brought the first fall-like day and I found myself at the fish ladder – a man-made passage for salmon to pass from the Pacific Ocean into Lake Washington. And although I had been there before, this would be the first time I understood the salmon’s journey.

The ladder is an in-between place, a sort of resting spot. It�s where the salmon literally catch their breath as they learn to adjust their breathing from the ocean’s saltwater to the lake’s fresh. While they rest here, their body is slowly changing to prepare them for their next stage of their life. It is here they take time to change.

I understand.

I’m in my own resting place at the moment; catching my breath as I move from one place to the next. And while I’m going through my own transformation of sorts, the site will be down for fall. I will, however, keep posting photos intermittently to Flickr.

Though not to worry. It will come back, when I’ve adjusted and am ready to once again swim in un-chartered waters. (If you’d like to know when, click here).