Home Life

Creating the Kitchen

December 8, 2004

I’ve never been a cook but not for the usual reason of hating to cook. It’s been more that I’ve never had to. I’ve always lived in great places where, as a single girl, it was cheaper to eat out than cook a meal. I had roommates who were chefs and loved to feed me. Now, with being so close to Whole Foods I find myself buying their pre-made everything instead of cooking.

But I recently purchased a couple of cookbooks and have become really inspired to cook. The problem is I own no cookware. None. Not even a microwave.

The world of cooking is full of opinions and I am overwhelmed by choices. So, if you are a cook, what do you use, what does one need and, do tell, where are the deals?

Things I need that I know I need:
– Pots & Pans (but which? How many? Stainless? Cast Iron?)
– Knives
– Cutting boards (I’m leaning towards these beautiful bamboo ones I’ve found at Whole Foods. I don’t like plastic)
– Measuring cups and spoons

I should like to add that I was reading the December issue of Martha Stewart Living today (December 09 – and I have to say the latest issues are fabulous. I used to dislike this magazine but now, it’s very useful) and there is a section entitled, The Right Tools. Here’s a quick rundown of what they suggest (all of which I do not have, so if you have ideas on brands or if these things are, in fact, useful, let me know):

1. Essential Knives (serrated, slicing, japanese cooks, paring)
2. Japanese Mandolin for slicing
3. High quality stainless steel kitchen shears
4. All-steel, u-shaped peeler
5. Cotton flour-sack towels
6. Stainless-steel footed colander with large holes
7. Spider strainer
8. Wide stainless-steel nesting bowls
9. Box graters
10. Tongs
11. Basic metal whisks
12. Cutting boards
13. Measuring cups & spoons
14. Stainless steel spatulas
15. Oven thermometre
16. Sharpener & honing steel
17. Digital Timers
18. Silicon Spatulas
19. Wooden Spoons
20. Citrus Press.