Home Life

Buying the best I can.

January 10, 2005

With purchasing for the home, slow and well done is the motto. Rather than buying, I look at investing and therefore purchasing things that will not have to be replaced for many, many years. So instead of buying something just because, or picking up the cheapest that will surely break, I’m buying the best I can so that instead of thinking about home and what doesn’t work and what needs to be done, I can concentrate on enjoying it and other things outside.

For example, the bed. After much deliberation (I rang the Four Seasons LA who said they were no longer selling the Sealy’s due to getting new ones not available for 8 weeks) and four horrible mattress shops (it felt sleazier than car shopping), a Tempurpedic Bed from Relax the Back was bought (with 10% off if you have medical reasons). I’d always received really good care from that store and a call to the Chiropractor revealed this would be an excellent choice. What sold me was the 25 year warranty and a 90 day return policy without stocking fee. Now, I do not have to worry about the mattress.

Then, there was linens. Oh how I’d always wanted a fluffy bed like at the fabulous hotels. Something calm, serene but no frou or girliness. I’d always adored the duvet covers and inserts from Shabby Chic but would never justify the price. So instead, I purchased things that seemed like it – things that wore too quick, were stuffy, had no fluff, look crap and cheap and made me always search for something better.

I decided to stop this pattern and yesterday I spent a couple of hours in the shop, asking questions, getting help, feeling served and educated and purchased a duvet insert (which, I must confess is the most glorious insert ever), a zippered duvet cover in serenity white rose, two Euro pillows (36X36, fluffy and only $20!), matching shams and one king size pillow for me. Now, when I walk into the bedroom I cannot wait to jump into the pile of down. It looks so amazing, it feels even better and now it’s one thing I can cross off my list of thoughts for years to come. I have freed myself from bed worries.

The same goes for a Herman Miller Chair that I’ll be ordering. I’ve gone through so many office chairs that have chipped, bent, stopped working, warped and just generally become rather gross. So instead of replacing every year I’m investing in the best I can get (this was inspired by staying at the fabulous Swirly’s house for all of last week who had the very chair. I thought it was brand new but it was 8 years old!). On a trip to their showroom in L.A., I went up the secret elevator, was greeted by a personal sales assistant who explained all the chairs, what it could do, fitted me and then wrote up a proposal. With a 25 year warranty combined with everything else, it seems like money well spent.

I’m going to do this with pots and pans and a couch. I don’t need to do this with a desk, a tv cabinet, rugs and whatever else because that’s all decor to me (and I’ll be doing a go at the famed Santa Monica Antique Market & Long Beach Outdoor Market later this month for a browse of second-hand goods). I just want basics that will last. No more disposable. No more worrying.

Although I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, purging everything last year and moving into the current flat has been the biggest push. Living without furniture and things for over two months really made me realise what I do and do not need and where I really want to put my money.

My new home, though small, is so beautiful, charming and light that I don’t want to gauk it up with junk and impulse buys. I’m taking the time to research things and purchase what is really good for me. And it’s the most relaxing what to setup home that I can think of. Because once it’s all set up, it’s set. No worrying about repeating next year or the year after.