American Arbitration Act Rules

January 25, 2022

Non-binding arbitration provides the procedures of standard arbitration – but with an informal hearing on the merits and without the finality of a binding decision. Non-binding arbitration can be useful in less complex business-to-business and business-to-consumer disputes, where the parties may be too far apart in their views to mediate or need an assessment of their respective positions. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) allows parties to adapt their dispute resolution process. Parties can include the standard arbitration or mediation clause in their contract and further adjust their clause with options that control time and cost. The AAA has developed the ClauseBuilder online tool® – a simple and self-directed process – to help individuals and organizations develop clear and effective arbitration and mediation agreements. If a dispute arises out of or relates to this Agreement, or relates to it, and if the dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation, the parties first agree to make a good faith attempt to resolve the dispute through mediation administered by the American Arbitration Association as part of its commercial mediation proceedings: before resorting to arbitration, litigation or other dispute resolution. The parties may copy and paste these clauses into their contracts. . The parties may provide for some or all of the following provisions: The parties hereby submit the following dispute to mediation administered by the American Arbitration Association in connection with its commercial mediation proceedings [the clause may also affect the qualifications of the mediator(s)], the method of awarding fees and expenses, the location of meetings, provide for time limits or other areas of concern to the parties]. . AAA cases are often settled before the arbitrator`s decision – and nearly half of these cases do not result in compensation from the arbitrator. The AAA has implemented best practices, policies, technologies, and procedures to protect case data stored and managed in the AAA`s technology infrastructure. .

AAA fees, which are easily accessible online, are due at certain times and are not related to the length of the proceedings or the remuneration of arbitrators. Arbitration – the out-of-court resolution of a dispute between the parties to a contract decided by an impartial third party (the arbitrator) – is faster and more cost-effective than litigation. AAA senior managers oversee the management of large and complex business-to-business (B2B) cases. These cases range from contract or license violations, commercial crimes and franchises to construction and infrastructure litigation in companies ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500 in a variety of industries. To see our latest AAA-ICDR updates and information, please visit our COVID-19 Resource Center. The AAA`s rules, both judicial and reviewed over time, cover the range of industries and fields. Clearly defined steps move cases from submission to award as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, while ensuring that all parties are treated fairly and equitably. AAA panels are comprised of respected judges as well as legal and business executives with industry-specific knowledge and expertise.

Arbitrators are required to adhere to codes of ethics developed by the AAA and the American Bar Association (ABA). Selected expert groups include aerospace, aeronautics and national security; Construction, cybersecurity, employment, energy, healthcare, intellectual property, justice, labour and large and complex business. The AAA`s roster of arbitrators for large and complex cases has special qualifications in addition to those required to be a member of the AAA panel, which is already among the strictest in the adro industry. Client-specific panels are the Panel of Large Commercial Cases, the Construction Mega Project Panel, the Judicial Panel and the Master Mediator Panel. The AAA-ICDR has created guides and resources for parties and arbitrators to create a smoother virtual listening experience. Cities and states have begun a step-by-step approach to reopening stores. AAA procedures for large commercial disputes and AAA procedures for large construction disputes specifically target these cases. .