Favourite Entries

A way out

February 1, 2004

I was at a boutique today that had the loftiest ceilings, lots of walls and only one door in and out. Inside this boutique was a bird, flying madly around the high ceilings, looking for a way out, and never finding it despite getting so close so often. In his state of panic, he couldn’t see that if he relaxed on the perch he kept flying to and looked just an inch below, he’d have the exit he needed.

This bird reminded me of people who often feel trapped and confused. They move around all the time, working themselves up, feeling more claustrophobic and chaotic as they search aimlessly for a way out, not really believing one exists.

But there is always a way out. There is always a door somewhere, no matter how hard it might be to find it. If one were to settle down, take a breath and look around before moving, perhaps one could find the exit they need. If they just relaxed, the worry of never finding it would lessen and perhaps, they�d even see beauty in where they were.