Everyday Words

January 6, 2008

Fall Layers

It’s not in me to wear a yellow slicker during storms but I still go out in them. I prefer not to wear hiking shoes whilst hiking yet have been to the top of more mountains than anyone I know. I don’t like pants when using power tools or putting up dry wall. It’s just not in me to be in anything other than a skirt or dress.

But people are often uncomfortable with this. I have friends who, for years, have tried to fit me in jeans or make me “hip.” Girlfriends who think because I wear a dress that twirls I’m prissy when I am only wearing one layer to their 5 (who put more thought in and worries more? Not I). There is an assumption because I dress like a girl, I must be limited to phrases such as “princess” and only wear pink. I have never used the word princess and I don’t own anything pink.

My adoration for dresses and skirts come for my love of pretty and my laziness. They’re easy, versatile and simply, me. And they’ve made me a target of a lot of people’s jokes, assumptions and insecurities. But that hasn’t ever changed how I feel about them.

Besides, wearing them on blustery days has given me great reflexes.