Everyday Words


November 12, 2007

It seems as though everyone looks for “signs” as whether to do something or not. Let the stars guide me, they say. They’ll randomly flip through passages of books to find “words of meaning” and direction. They’ll count to 10 and if a bell rings they know to move forward. Everyone just wanting reassurance from some other super force that they’re on the right track.

But what I’ve noticed is when people look for “signs” they’re really only looking for the “yes.” No one really looks for the “no.” If they don’t get a sign, they try a new trick. Show me a sign that he loves me! I need a sign if I should move! Give me a sign to take that job! But if nothing happens, almost no one every takes it as a no. They just simply look for another sign.

I’ve always believed that when you ask advice, you’re really just looking for confirmation of what you already know but you’re just not ready to hear it. Sometimes I wonder if all the “sign seekers” already know the answer, too, but just aren’t ready to accept that they already have the answer and the power.