Everyday Words

Different View

September 5, 2007

It’s this view that I keep trying to get. Whenever I think of settling down and giving up my vagabond ways it’s this image I turn to. I understand life from this view point. Life in a small, quiet little town full of characters and charm but close to a city that is is alive and close still to a major city where anything is possible. And for the longest time, I thought I was getting closer to this view.

But today, after booking my 33rd flight this year (and actually just booked 4 more), I realise that whenever I am given time to relax, to be, to enjoy the view, I do anything but. I’m quick to fill up a calendar. I used to blame this on living in LA and knowing far too many people (yes I’ll come to your event, Yes I’ll support this cause, Yes I’ll work on that project) but upon booking a trip to Vancouver for just one event, I somehow ended up doing 4.

Right now I live in one of my favouritest flats ever; a large two bedroom with old world charm including a 1940’s stove in which I love to bake in. There’s large windows that look out into a garden {I’ve even got a few plants growing} and my bike can take me anywhere in town {beach, cafe, shoppes} so there’s no reason really to leave.

Which makes me question if I’m really trying to get the view or if I just admire the scenery because it’s so very different from my own.