Family & Friends


August 18, 2007

I had been in LA only a month but that was all it took to encounter one very bad haircut. So when I saw someone with gorgeous hair I asked her where she got it cut – Jessica Tingley at Frederic Fekkai was her answer. That was enough for me to go to the salon. Jessica was more than enough to keep me coming back.

Instantly we hit it off; the dirty jokes came out first cut, the laughter kept going and some kind of connection just happened. But she was now my stylist and I didn’t think that line could be crossed. Especially since there is that cliche saying in Hollywood “your friends are the ones you pay.” I didn’t want that to happen.

So for three years I’d look forward to going to the salon (a first since I hate it) until one day she said to me, “You know, I really want to be your friend and hang out.”

“Me too!”

And there we were.

Why it took 3 years for us to get the courage up to say “I like you, let’s be friends” is beyond me. Fear of rejection, of crossing some stupid line, of not being cool enough – they’re all inane whatever they might be.

Oddly though, I still tend to feel this way when I encounter someone I immediately adore and what to have coffee with. But usually my shy self just remains “knowing” them instead of befriending. I often then wonder how many great people am I missing out on, simply because I haven’t said, “I want to be your friend.”