Everyday Words

Afraid for nothing

April 25, 2007

I have, at the very least, been on 27 flights since 2007 began. That’s about 26 more than I’d like; I’m not a flyer. But I am the sort that likes to see new things and create experiences. So despite the fear, I keep booking flights, printing my boarding pass, and pray to little baby Jesus that nothing will happen.

And, truthfully, nothing bad ever does. The fear, the build up, it’s always for nothing. The plane touches down as do I and I begin my walk towards the new and always glad I came.

So here’s to one more flight next week. A one way ticket back home, home for at least awhile. Home to where things are brand new {new flat, new job, new eyes}. Am I scared? Well, I’m not a flyer but oh, how do I love to see and do new things…