Hullo, New York

February 12, 2007

I was surprised at how quickly and easily I fell in-love with New York. Especially since just the day before, in Santa Monica CA, I began the process of looking to buy a condo. But even though I love Santa Monica there is a lot I don’t like about L.A.. But it’s familiar; I know how to live here. But then being here, in New York, I wonder how I can go back.

Perhaps it’s the fact I can walk anywhere or hop on the subway as I’ve been doing all morning. Perhaps it’s because New York is such an “up” city – tall buildings that just beg you to keep looking to the sky. Perhaps it’s because you’re anonymous here – even in a bright coloured jacket. People just do their thing without wondering how it looks. Perhaps it’s the diversity; women in furs shopping alongside punk kids with $2 to their name. Perhaps it’s the energy – everything is moving and you can see it. People, cars, subways, it’s all going on. Perhaps it’s because people just don’t work in the city, they live here too. Dog parks next to subway stations and famous landmarks. Perhaps it’s a strange sense of community that happens when you don’t expect it. My friends Felicia and Summer who I met up with yesterday (along with Sara – finally!) mentioned this. And I didn’t quite understand it until today. But somehow, despite being solitary and anonymous, there’s community. LA it’s everyone out for themselves – you feel like someone’s going to screw you over at any time.

When I wandered with Felicia later on, she would tell me about the areas, little background info and dish, which cafe she loved, the good bookstore and so forth. And I was smitten; it was a first date and I was already planning the wedding.

Oh, it’s cold. It is full on sweater, jacket, gloves and scarf weather. But the upside is rosy cheeks and an excuse to stop into cafe’s for tea a lot (which I’ve done).

New York reminds me of Paris in many ways and I remember my younger self who thrived in these places. The energy, the challenges, the constant state of awe. I love to live in awe – of people, of places, of beauty, of things, of words. When things are too easy, when things are too nice, when things are boring as all, I fade. I’m not fading here.