January 31, 2006

The sun has just set in Vancouver, I think; the rain has been hiding it all day. I went out only for a little to walk the streets to my favourite restaurant for brunch where I lingered for hours (I always do, here, far too cosy to leave especially if you ask for the table by the fire) followed later by coffee where I flipped through some glossy magazines for as long as I could. This trip has been particularly busy, so much so that I extended it by two days just so I could have some time off. I’ve come to realise over the past few months I’ve been terrible about doing nothing at all. Each moment has been filled.

Since September I’ve been working like a mad woman on so many different projects (movie production, a seasonal gig, getting ready for my gallery showings, travel writing, etc) that I literally have not stopped to rest or catch up with my life. So many things became indulgences that I just couldn’t do; reading, tea drinking, visiting, playing, napping. And living in Santa Monica where the sunshine is always out, people are always busy and plans are always being made, it’s been hard to slow down. The fact that my flat feels so exposed with windows of sunlight that pour in, light furniture and walls doesn’t seem to help matters either.

Currently I’m on the top floor (31st) at the Westin Grand Vancouver in a suite that’s made up like a little warm, cosy little European flat with mustard-yellow silk drapes that cover floor to ceiling windows on two sides. Light wooden furniture, used simply, are shown off by a gorgeous dark green rug and a mahogany table and brown couch. The bed in white with far too many fluffy pillows and duvet top have given me the most amazing sleeps I’ve had in a long time. The rain and wind have been beating against my window for the last four days now – something I haven’t experienced for so long – and that’s been begging me to just relax. To not write, to not catch up, to not set up more appointments, to do not one thing at all. And with the amazing stereo playing my CD and tea brewing in the little kitchen, I don’t really have a good excuse to not chill out. It’s the perfect setting.

The trick is to just go with it.