Favourite Entries

The Dress Twirls

December 10, 2005

For the past couple of years I have taken a seasonal gig at my favourite store; not only to indulge in their very generous discount but because I adore talking with the ladies, dressing them up and just having fun for a few hours a week.

One night, an older woman came in who was a little bit cranky and tired. She came out of her dressing room in one of our dresses to see how it looked in the three way. The dress was so pretty but the womans expression was not – she didn’t understand the power of the dress because she was too worried about other things. Things one shouldn’t worry about when wearing a pretty dress because a pretty dress is permission to just relax and laugh, not having to be a business woman, a mother, a house cleaner, a teacher, or anything else. It’s time to just remember to be a girl.

When I walked over to her she said as she looked at her self in that critical way, “I’m not so sure…”

I leaned into her and whispered, “you know, the dress, it twirls.”

“Excuse me?” she said.

“It twirls. When you go back in the changeroom, just spin yourself round really quick. You’ll understand.”

She just looked at me and walked back into the changeroom and before shutting the door gave me a look as though I was crazy. But just a few seconds later I heard a giggle come from her room. Then another.

She bought the dress.