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Letting Go

November 1, 2005
We shall all be very much happier when we learn to transform the things we have into a semblance of our ideal. How, then, may we go about accomplishing our ideal?

By letting it go!

By forgetting this vaguely pleasing dream, this evidence of our smug vanity, and making ourselves ready for a new ideal.

By considering the body of material from which it is good sense to choose when we have a house to decorate.

By taking upon ourselves the duty of self-taught lessons of sincerity, and common sense, and suitability.

By learning what is meant by colour and form and line, harmony and contract proportion.

When we are on familiar terms with our tools, and feel our vague ideas clearing into definite inspiration, then we are ready to talk about our ideals.

Excerpted from The House In Good Taste by Elsie de Wolfe, published 1913.