Everyday Words, Los Angeles


April 10, 2005

Tonight was my first big Hollywood event; a dress was bought, heels went on and a little lipgloss was swiped. After being terribly sick for the past week and inside on the couch for most of it, getting a chance to go out was welcomed.

And although I’d been to the Beverly Hills Hotel on several occasions (their soda fountain restaurant has the best burger in town, I swear) this was the first time I was able to step into a ballroom and, when no one was looking, twirl around and pretend to dance.

I was there on my own, no boy or friend to gush with, so I had to quickly learn to get over being shy and talk with people, which I did. I even laughed, told a dirty joke or two and toasted someone on their birthday. I met big Hollywood people from actors to directors to producers and listened to some very good speeches on media consolidation. I ate far too much and sipped good wine and all in all, had a very lovely night.

As I drove home along Sunset Blvd I played the Oldies station and danced in my seat to the Beatles. I realised how good I was feeling and knew it wasn’t because of the wine, the people, the music or the twirling of the dress. It was because I was able to go out and have a night on my own, a little private time, and have the only worry of if I was having a good time or not. I was able to participate in my interests without having to explain them or feel strange about them because I went on my own to a group that had the same beliefs. It was a rather freeing night.

So much of the last several years has been about other people and doing things for them or with them that it was nice to take an evening out for just myself. It reminded me of how I used to go to movies alone, fancy dinners by myself and even trips just for the hell of it. Then I became rather used to going out with someone else (boy and friends and family) and finding common ground and then doing an event based on that. Tonight was a little selfish and a heck of a lot of fun.

And I don’t think it was the last time, either.