Los Angeles

January 2, 2005

It has been such an overwhelming week which has involved being in a different place almost every night, being far grubbier than one would like and mixing discomfort with great joy and excitement.

So when I woke this morning I felt the need for a little comfort and with Montana Ave just outside my steps, I headed there for a little Sunday brunch.

Provence Cafe on 16th/Montana is run by two Frenchman who make the most delicious food. It was so nice to be able to speak french again and enjoy a restaurant where the portions did not frighten the bejesus out of me.

Due to an overwhelming amount of hard, cold rain I didn’t wander the street as I wanted but I did manage to head down to the original Shabby Chic store where I fell in-love with the bean couch, a duvet, a rug and an oil lamp. I left with nothing, however. I’m a terrible shopper – loving to pet the pretty things but hating to bring packages home.

Mary Catherine rang to ask if I was up to some Anthropologie lovin’, which of course, I was. We found ourselves walking tghe 3rd street promenade but had it cut short due to torrential rains. We were literally soaked to the bone by the time we headed to the store. Luckily, being amongst the pretty things and trying on a skirt or two was soothing.

However, the rain left us cold and hungry so we made our way back to Montana ave and walked into the Montana Ave Cafe. The atmosphere seemed rather cosy yet busy but also welcoming to people who were rather shabby from weather.

The food, oh so divine (vegetarian rolls, garden soup, swordfish, pumpkin pasta, buffala salad, and the most important key-lime pie) was oh so lovely and satisfying.

Despite the gloom of the rain and clouds, the day ended up being unexpectedly fantastic. Relaxing yet energising all at the same time.

This along with several conversations over dinner helped to re-enforce the idea that I need to enjoy it all now. To not be wondering how long the friendship will last, if I’ll hate her or him in a month, if I’ll grow to hate the city, if I’ll fall for a french cafe only to have them go out of business in May. To not prepare for the worst but enjoy the beauty of the now.