Everyday Words

December 29, 2004

It took a day later than thought due to weather and tiredness. I left Seattle for sun yet hit the worst rain storm in over 50 years in the Los Angeles area. It was not a good night.

So I tucked in early into a hotel where we watched a great little movie, School of Rock, on cable. I fell asleep with ease which was good as today has been hectic.

There was unloading the truck into storage – my life now fits neatly into a 4X10 box. There was the dropping off of the truck, the checking into a temporary flat until the 01st, the picking up of groceries and the eating of dinner.

I now type on my little ibook which sits on the floor, surrounded by two suitcases, a boy, a fish and a cat. The flat hunting will begin tomorrow.

Everything at this point has become almost normal. There’s no feeling of being overwhelmed anymore because I’ve accepted that life is just crazy right now. There is no resting, no stopping, no taking time to breathe.

So in the midst of it all, I laugh a lot. I smile, chat up strangers, sing songs, do hand stands, sleep, dream and look forward. What else are you going to do? It’s not easy, but this is my choice. And sometimes what we want takes a little elbow grease, no?

Also, I feel who am I to complain in the midst of a natural disaster. I donated some much needed money to the Red Cross to help even if it’s just a little. I have not a lot to offer at this point, so I offer what I can.

Do what you can when you can – now there’s something to live by.