Everyday Words

10 year anniversary

January 5, 2005

This year marks my 10th anniversary as having a web site. Oh the dish I could tell, the strange way I’ve grown with it and changed it and expanded to having far too many sites (with a couple more to come). It’s been strange to have a site for so long, to chronicle life and stories before “blog” was a word.

The main goal of having a site, however, has not changed. It’s to be of use; of sharing information, stories or ideas that perhaps someone else would like to know. It’s been less about me and more about things going on around me.

That’s why I generally do not have comments expect for posts in which others can share information that’s a benefit to people outside of just myself. Sharing is a good thing if it’s more than about bowel movements.

Sometimes I’m a rock star at this and sometimes I am very dull indeed and cannot stand to look at my own site. But, it’s always nice to have the option, I suppose.

So, a little celebrating is in order, I think. After all, this is the longest I’ve ever done one thing consistently.