Everyday Words

Wants vrs necessities

February 12, 2002

There are few things I really regard as necessities, and even then I could still go without them.

There’s nothing like a good bed, cozy quilt, partner with warm feet, good daily meal and that perfect cup of brewed tea at 4pm. Ok, and now and then a good zit cream.

Its so easy to get caught up in wanting things, because there are just so many wonderful things out there. Its easy to fall for the hype and have unwise cravings for gadgets. It’s not so evil to fall for them once in awhile, I don’t think. Just as long as you realise they’re not necessities, but bonuses.

I think, too, that the more bored you are in life, the more you want. After being in bed for seven days, I assure you that I’ve wanted the world. Moving my arse a little today, easing back into life, I keep asking myself what was I thinking.