Everyday Words


March 11, 2003

I went for one reason, and came home with another; a sign of a good trip.

It was spent dishing with a friend, discovering new tea and meeting fabulous people (especially those who cheered at the awards show, sat with us at the award show, and took us to dinner after said award show).

I didn’t realise until the flight home all that had happened and really, all that I had done. Had someone told me that I would design a site that would be able to compete with huge companies filled with developers and designers, I would have laughed. It’s still surreal, three days later.

Although I didn’t win in my category, I got the most cheers and that meant a lot. It felt good to be proud of something I did and not because it was up for an award, but because it actually does something for people. As trite as it can sound, it was enough to be nominated.

But coming home, that’s not what was on my mind. What was was the new idea that gave me goosebumps in the cafe, the promise of a new project, the friendship of one hell of a girl, the possibility of being home, personal discoveries and the memories of a trip gone by.

Oh, and how I’m going to catch up on sleep.

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