Simple day

March 31, 2003

The weekend was spent regrouping. I followed the wise words of Katherine Mansfield and ruthless tore up papers and felt better for doing so. So today I rewarded myself for my hard work and frantic week by brewing a cup of tea in my new teapot , while sitting outside in light weather on a beautiful wooden loveset while watching the sun set on the lake and taking the time to do nothing more than sit and sip.

I generally give myself Mondays off which allows me a few moments of calm. It also gives me time to indulge in personal projects that I never feel I have the time for. Projects such as catching up on my photography, working on sites, painting. I was encouraged to start on my journals when my “Mini Guide to making Artist’s Journals” arrived today. Keri Smith has designed and made these fabulous hand sewn books (only 100!) and her guidance along with my calm state allowed me to start to recreate in new areas.

I’m a simple girl. I don’t have cable television, I don’t have a stereo system, I don’t have fifteen pairs of shoes. I have all that I need with a few bonuses which makes me able to enjoy a quiet, simple day such as today. It’s enough, this life.