Los Angeles

Following Rain

January 4, 2005
A powerful storm from Alaska battered Southern California on Monday, and boosted the season’s rainfall total in Los Angeles to almost four times normal. By Monday night, the storm had dumped as much as 5 inches of rain on Southern California, and forecasters said that figure could double by tonight.

Flash-flood watches and winter storm warnings were issued throughout the Southland, as forecasters said the cold and rainy weather should linger through today, slackening only briefly before another storm front moves into California late this week. – from the L.A. Times

The top reason to leave Seattle for Santa Monica was for sun and warmth. I’d enough of the everlasting dark, gloomy clouds that made me drink far too much coffee and had me wearing 6 layers of heavy, dark clothes. But since arriving here, I’ve been having coffee everyday and wishing I hadn’t packed my dark, heavy clothes. I’m beginning to think this sunshine business is a myth.

There has to be humour in this somewhere.

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