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January 9, 2003

There’s a lot of things I’ve been doing lately – reading far too many books at once, discovering latte’s, healing dying plants, chatting up friends on the phone, working, designing, napping. But one thing I’ve been doing more than any other is creating.

It began with a fascination over Dawn’s Life Uncommon page, which is not only incredibly beautiful but smart. She captures the world so amazingly with her camera; it leaves me in awe and wanting more. Never have I so eagerly gone on-line looking for updates. I think why I’m so in love with her work is because it’s on a platform that I can do and am now doing once again, thanks to her and some words from my best-friend.

Although I was always the girl who carried her camera around, I had grown lazy over the past several years. The laziness then turned into fear which became a sore spot for me, especially last fall when I had taken a writing break and wanted to start being creative in other ways. But before each attempt I would freak out and say, “I can’t do this. I am not an artist.”

My best-friend Emily, an accomplished artist who is completely natural and nonchalant about all her talents, gave me a great kick in the ass when she (unknowingly) emailed me some advice:

“Threre are a few things I’m not that great at but at least I try before I say “I wish I could do that”

That just hit me hard. She tries, which is why she is so natural with everything she does. She does things, they become habit, they become skill, they become real. I, however, was failing because I wasn’t even trying.

Between that line and Dawn’s site, I got my groove back. Snapping my cameras like a mad woman, painting every night at sunset and drawing little figures while sipping tea.

Creating, how wonderful a thing.

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