Everyday Words


February 19, 2002

Sometimes learning that anything really is possible can come from something as simple as a fish out of water.

I came home after an hours walk and proceeded to make lunch and do some writing. Twenty minutes passed before I made my way into the living room where I saw the mess and screamed.

The cat had managed somehow to knock the fish bowl over, onto the floor, despite the fact the fish bowl was high on a shelf in the corner. The bowl was laying on the side, gravel was everywhere and my poor fish was just laying on the carpet. There was maybe two inches of water left in the bowl and I quickly put the fish in there, and surprise of surprise, the bugger started to move.

I quickly moved him to a small cup, cleaned his bowl, gave him new water, waited ten minutes and put him in. To my amazement, he survived the whole ordeal and has even been sassying me during feeding.

I’ll never know how he survived the fall, laying there on the carpet for I don’t know how long, and possibly a cat swiping him once or twice. But he did. He’s one brave and tough little fish.

Good thing I called him Badass.

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