Everyday Words

June 14, 2001

I keep trying to recall the last time I really played hooky. I probably got the notion somewhere that playing hooky wasn’t responsible and therefore avoided doing it.

However, today, I decided that all that the world was currently giving me was too much. I had been working all night on my writing, I had spent most of yesterday packing and setting up numbers & electricity for our new flat. I’ve been calming nerves for all my friends and trying to keep the house in order for showings. The past month has been nonstop effort in managing everything, and this morning when I woke up to deal with it all again I just couldn’t. I needed to sneak away from it all and for more than just an hour. I needed to play hooky for the whole day.

The first order was to make myself some breakfast. I usually eat the same thing ever day but today I decided to experiment with my blender. Usually experimenting means worrying if someone else will like it, or the mess that I create while blending. But today, there was no one to know what I was doing, so I made this wonderfully scary looking concoction which actually didn’t taste too bad.

I then showered and decided to leave my hair wavy and free, because playing hooky means you just don’t give a rats ass about how you look.

Then I put on my play clothes. My play clothes for the summer is actually my bathing suit and flip flops. It’s the perfect play clothes because any dirt you get on your clothes can be washed off by jumping in the nearest body of water.

Once dressed, I packed up some snacks, some water, a towel, my new book, pail & spoon and headed to the beach.

I set up shop on the grass with all my toys around me. I first went for a swim, dived off the diving board which sits in the middle of the lake and then swam around like there was no tomorrow. I then collapsed on my beach blanket completely satisfied.

Then two children came over to me and said they saw my pail and spoon and wished to know if they could borrow it to make a sandcastle. Of course, I said, but only if I can help.

The three of us sat out to make the most amazing sandcastle you could ever see. In actuality, it was just a big lump of dirt because not one of us had any artistic ability. (But we did have a great imagination, so we could imagine it was something great.) Once we felt we had made the perfect castle, we headed back to our own spots.

I packed up my beachgear and headed home for a nap.

It’s only three o’clock but I feel like I’ve accomplished something major. I finally got to play again. I finally got to shake off all the matters of consequence and was just able to relax for a short time. I was able to be in the moment and enjoy the feeling of the grass under my toes, or the water dripping down my back from my soaking hair. I was able to laugh and giggle with children and make up words like “mosterablaberal” and have two individuals understand what that means. I was able to feel the sun on my face and enjoy nothing more than living right then and there.

I know I can’t play hooky everyday, and in fact, if I could that somehow might spoil the effect. But just once in awhile, I have to step outside what the world thinks is important and remember the feeling I get from what I know is important.

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