Los Angeles

Love/Hate Los Angeles

September 9, 2006

Things I love about living in Santa Monica/Los Angeles:
– living 6 blocks from the beach.
– Never having to use my car because I can walk to Whole Foods, a favourite cafe, the post, shopping, the beach, the bank
– having California near the top of those pull down address menus
– Not needing air conditioning
– The weather (72F most days with cool nights)
– Luke Wilson
– access to anything and everything
– a little fancy
– free premieres and screenings
– My BFF & hairdress extraordinnaire, Jessica T @ Frederric Fekkai
– Diversity
– Disneyland
– a little glamour
– Easy flight access to anywhere in the world at any time.
– living two turns and one road and twenty minutes on a good day from the airport
– Cafe Dana on Montana @ 13th
Elixir on Melrose
– Spanish Latte’s from Urth
– Maki at Ole Henriksen
– Driving up the coast to Malibu or Santa Barbara
– Colours everywhere
– Driving San Vicente in Santa Monica from 7th until 26th
– Montana Ave {especially Shabby Chic’s first store and their sales}
– Palm Trees
– access to healthy eating {important to a gluten-free girl}
– Squirrels that terrorise me in my flat
– Saying that I live in LA

Things I do not love about Santa Monica/Los Angeles:
– the people
– constant horn honking
– cell phone drivers
– the barista at Starbucks and every othe place being a frustrated actor
– traffic
– smog/air quality (Air quality is measured on a scale of 0-100, 0 being the worst. Los Angeles is a 0)
– weird black film on everything in my flat from the air
– relationships always being businessy
– crazy high rent even in a rent controlled flat
– cost of living
– cost of doing anything
– everyone “on” and trying to “be”
– Noise. So. Much. Noise.
– Living right over a back alley and hearing people go through the rubbish 24/7
– The stupid girl voice.
– Small dogs everywhere
– Neighbours all over you (I live in one of the most dense 15 blocks in the US)
– Street parking
– Valet parking
– Brentwood Whole Foods; always crazy, insane because of terribly self-absorbed “Brentwood” people
– “glue gun” fancy
– having to either keep secret about who you know or what you do or having to be all about it
– insincerity
– not being able to rely on anything or anyone
– the beach
– Hollywood
– the fact that a size 2 is huge and pale is sickly
– squirrels that terrorise me in my flat
– saying I live in LA

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