Everyday Words

May 20, 2005

Today was a day of hookey; of taking time off not to catch up on chores or putter about the flat or meet up with friends for lunch. It was a day to just do things normally reserved for the weekend if the weekend was really about taking time off.

Sleeping in, wearing pigtails, going to the Getty Museum for hours and getting lost within it all. Stopping by my favourite little cafe for dish with the owner and the best afternoon tea service for a mere $15. Coming home after sunshine and scones for a nap while the breeze rustled trees outside my cosi couch and the two squirrels who have been mating for the past week had some afternoon lovin’.

It’s almost dinner time and no chores have been done, no bills paid, no work worked on. It’s quiet, lovely and just like a summer afternoon when I was 17 and didn’t want to go to math.

Makes me think, that hookey is needed now and again because it intensifies the pleasure of everything done that day.

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